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  • A Leader in Art Marketing and promotion. We specialize in developing TARGETED Marketing Plans to meet the needs of each client.
  • "We do ALL the work and "post" to at least 10 online galleries that you VERIFY and review!"
    Your artworks will be seen by MILLIONS of art buyers within Ten (10) days
  • Our services and strategies are "customized" to the specific style, background and requirements of each visual artist and their artworks.
  • Our goal is to match artworks to the "right" ONLINE galleries and CONNECT to  buyers to deliver worldwide sales and results- 24/7
  • We provide the time and expertise to make the most of opportunities in today's competitive art market.
  • E COMMERCE: We provide SEO, Payment, email "capture" solutions
  • NOTE - It ONLY takes One (1) Worldwide Collector of your Art or Photography to pay for your Art Marketing investment with us!

"Making money is art and good business is the best art." - Andy Warhol

"Art is not what you SEE,but what you make others SEE." - Edgar Degas

Tools & Benefits

ABOUT our "postings' and exhibition of your work

We don't just put your artworks in just ANY gallery!

A key to success for our clients to accurately "match" the Online gallery with the "right" online galleries buyers!

Over the years we've figured out what online galleries deliver results for our clients based upon their type of artworks

  • Each posting takes 7-10 minutes- each gallery had different procedures
  • We apply the proper "tags" & info to describe your artworks,so buyers can find YOU
  • Accurate "links "back to your home page
  • We "exhibit" up to 100 artworks into at least ten (10) Online galleries for worldwide: exposure-24/7

Remember: galleries do NOT charge an additional "commission" their fees are paid by their Subscribers

Our fee is a one-time fee only.*There are NO additional fees to us
You can pay us to continue to post your artworks for a small monthly fee.

Note: Prints on Demand (POD) galleries (where you simply receive a check for the sale)

You deal directly with the art buyers from the online gallery (Your online art gallery will be different and unique. Here is just one example of an online art client's gallery)

Partner with us and your artworks will be seen by MILLIONS of Art Buyers within a week!

Our experience is that it takes ONLY one (1) SALE (or 1 Collector) of your art works, to pay for your art marketing investment with us!

The Agency will "POST" exhibit and Categorize up to 100 of your artworks to at least ten (10) ONLINE Art Galleries *that "match" your artworks to their online gallery buyers!

Your artworks will be seen by MILLIONS of art buyers worldwide 24/7

Plus,You get MANY Tools,Benefits and resources from our one-time COMPREHENSIVE Consultation Plan.


If you need help we will advise you about a design (or re-design) of your current website. Here's an example of one we produced for a leading American Artist: Richard Smukler (Your online art gallery will be different and unique. Here is just one example of an online art client's gallery)

PLUS, You get ALL the Tools and Benefits of the COMPREHENSIVE Consultation Plan

PLUS, our Money-Back Guarantee-if you don’t Sell $500 in 60 days!

Our deadline is TODAY-We can only "post" a certain number of artworks per week!

Here is an example of our ONLINE gallery "postings" and gallery presentation: EXAMPLE (Your online art gallery will be different and unique. Here is just one example of an online art client's gallery)

Our Services includes artwork "postings" and "customized" written, strategic marketing plan!

  • E COMMERCE: We provide SEO, Payment, email "capture" solutions
  • One (1) hour ALL-Purpose Consultation: via Phone or SKYPE - Most Popular/Best Value!
  • Complete Review of your Art Marketing, Website, and Portfolio
  • Critical, objective analysis of your work and web presence
  • PLUS You Receive these Valuable Benefits, Tools & MORE
  • INTRO & Postings to New Top Art Gallery-1.4 Million Worldwide Art Buyers-already generates RESULTS for our clients!
  • ONLINE Gallery "matching": we'll suggest 6-8 ONLINE galleries & their buyers that "match" your artwork
  • Valuable SEO Info: will generate MORE Site Visitors: Best KEYWORDS Research the PRICING your artwork in the marketplace
  • An efficient "pay-process" to take payments easily from your website
  • WRITTEN Strategic Marketing Plan: "customized" to your Artwork
  • Social Media Campaigns: tactics to sell on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIN
  • Email: "capture" technology: to "follow up" with site visitors
  • Provide "customized" ONLINE Marketing Strategies-based on your "specific" artwork
  • Valuable worldwide ONLINE Gallery E-Book.
  • After a Consultation, we'll Implement a "TARGETED" Strategic Marketing Plan

There is NO Better Investment to:

  • Increase your Art and Photography sales: worldwide
  • Showcase your artwork to attract NEW buyers & website visitors
  • Connect and sell to art buyers-24/7

…so "jumpstart" your ONLINE sales and marketing

• Simply Choose the $150.00 Consultation Plan to get your "special offer" benefits AND "money-back" guarantee with the $150.00 Comprehensive Consultation Plan!

Our deadline is TODAY-We can only "post" a certain number of artworks per week!

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100 of Your Artworks Exhibited

"I am a Latin artist, the Agency suggested an online gallery in South America that had many latin american art buyes and collectors, my sales have been incredible and many more website visitors see my arte. gracias Marketing Art Agency."

- Isolda Mori Noli, Artist, Gallery Owner, Boca Raton Fla.)

"The agency suggested 7 worldwide online galleries. My sales have sky-rocked. I now reach the "right" buyers 24/7. Plus they did ALL the work, you get A LOT. I recommend them.

- Richie L. Fine Art Photographer, Los Angeles, California.

"Their guidance including the valuable "postings' to worldwide galleries has increased my sales and a dramatic increase in visitors to my website. Selling online needs an expert and I am glad that I found a partner like the Agency. Two thumps up."

-Margery G. Giclee Painter,Wash DC

"Online galleries are 'perfect' to enable artists, photographers and collectors to sell and market their artwork WORLDWIDE, 24 hours a day-to ALL types of new buyers."

- Will Tucker, Art Marketing Expert