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RELAX. We got this. The Agency does ALL the work for you. We will select just the “right” images to exhibit for you. We can even take them from you website- fast and easy.


Effective Art Marketing

Targeted and Strategic. The Agency will “match”: your specific artworks to the “right” online gallery their type of buyers. Our exhibition for your are professionally done with best tags, your email and your website link in each exhibition.


Worldwide Exposure: 24/7

MORE views mean MORE sales to you. Our Clients average 127,000 views PER artwork PER month. Your artworks seen by millions of buyers around the world.100’s of your artworks professionally presented in 10 of the best 10 online galleries for your work: Japan, England Germany, Australia. Each exhibition has direct “links” to your email and your website. Even 1% of the 127,000 views PER month delivers MORE sales for you


Money Back Guarantee

Risk free. Peace of Mind. A complete NO questions- asked refund via PayPal of your one time fee and (tax deducible) art marketing investment.Our sales guarantee to you is at least $1000. with in 60 days.

Happy Clients



Cups of Coffee

Why Partnering with us is a Great Strategy

All clients receive a one (1) hour consultation via SKPYE or phone based upon the pre-consultation Questionnaire proved in the Welcome email after “sign up.”

We will deliver Peace of Mind for your art marketing investment. Upon review, we may offer you up to $1000 online art & photo sales withing 60 days. Or a complete NO questions-asked REFUND via PayPal.

Valuable short and long term marketing tools and resources. Such as how to “capture” emails of visitors to your website. Your Art Pricing? We’ll research what your art “valuation” should be.

You may VERIFY each exhibition ”link” and your email of each artwork in the online gallery.Its your online gallery account.

Professionalism. Your website and artworks are professionally exhibited, tagged and described in the worldwide marketplace. Our staffs attractive descriptors are key to attract buyers to each artwork.

A “significant” INCREASE in your website visitors-currently 200% a month. Your work seen by millions of potential art and photo buyers:worldwide:24/7.Client average 127,000 viewers per artwork.

Money Back Performance Guarantee. 127,000 views per artworks,per month means MORE sales and buyers. Imagine profits from even 1% of those 127,000 visitors!

A lot of bang for your buck!The is NO better art marketing investment.-Guaranteed!

You are like family. We are there for you. You may contact us anytime to discuss ideas,art marketing and ideas



The world is waiting…

Here are the Steps (PROCESS) we have developed since 2007 to have a get your artworks exhibited and your marketing started.

Easy - Fast and Effective!

  1. Sign Up by 9 pm today. Why? We can only schedule a number of artwork "exhibitions" for our client PER day/per week to insure completion within 7 days. Plus, our fees are going "up".

  2. After "signing up" you receive a Welcome email with our brief Pre-Consultation Questionnaire that we use to develop your marketing before our Consultation.

  3. We schedule a one (1) hour phone consultation with you via phone or SKYPE to go over how we can best help you.

  4. You, or the Agency, will select your ten (10) best artworks for exhibitions- the most requested, a cross section of your work, or your top sellers.

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Free 1 hour consultation

  1. The AGENCY provides continuous “follow-up” and Art Marketing Support to you-you are like family to us.
  2. We constantly provide our clients with useful articles,insights,new resources and tips.
  3. You may Contact us anytime for Questions, Ideas or Information.
  1. Answer art marketing questions about your strategy.
  2. Monitor and review your marketing plan with you.
  3. One-Hour (1) phone consultation via Telephone or SKYPE is included!



Helping Artists Maximize Their Marketing And Connect To Art Buyers!


“The team at the Agency suggested 10 worldwide online galleries. My sales and web traffic have skyrocketed. Plus, they did all the work. You get alot. I recommend them.” - Isolda Mora Noli,Del Rey,Florida,

“the best way to get started is quit talking and begin doing.” - Walt Disney

“Estimates are that half of all art will be sold online. We are here to make that happen for our client. Our success is their successful art marketing.” - Tuck Tucker, Agency Director

“Making money is art, working is art, and good business is the best art.” - Andy Warhol

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” - Edgar Degas

“I never knew where to put my time and art advertising dollars. Art Marketing suggested 5 NO fee online gallery sites and my sales especially worldwide have tripled. They have saved me a lot of time and money. Plus, they set me up on Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn that helped me reach alot more buyers.” - KUDOS to AMA.”-Katrine Karley, fine art photographer,Sarasota, Florida

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A very valuable benefit of being a client of the Marketing Art Solutions is FREE INCLUSION in our valuable online art Auction.- for artist by artists. You set you prices. Connecting Collectors to Emerging and Future Collectible Fine Artists and Photographers