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It's a fact. ONLINE galleries now play a significant role in success for today's artists, photographer's and art collectors

Estimates are that 1/2 of ALL Art/Photo sales will be made Online and via the Internet.

Representation with the Art  Marketing Agency delivers:

  • Client average 127,000 views PER artwork PER month in the BEST 10 worldwide online galleries
  • Turnkey. We do ALL the work for you to professionally exhibit at least 100 of your artworks: email & "links" to you
  • The average Sale PER artwork, PER month is at least :$492.00
  • Agency clients experience a significant INCREASE in website visitors due to 24/7 worldwide online gallery "exposure"
  • A top-performing online gallery (ArtPrice in Paris) has 1.5 million registered art buyers and 2 million MONTHLY visitors
  • FREE inclusion in our profitable online art AUCTION-for artists by artists.

 Summary of our special offer to you:

  • The Marketing Art Agency offers a sales performance guarantee of up to $1000.00 in Online artwork sales of your artworks within 60 days.
    100 of your best artworks,website and email professionally "exhibited" in the "right" ten (10) online galleries for sales and significant worldwide exposure:24/7 within  seven (7)   days
  • You may VERIFY the "exhibitions."


"There is simply NO better art marketing investment. Online galleries provide the perfect marketplace for one's work-worldwide exposure to new clients and art buyers,24/7 "-Tuck Tucker, Agency Director, the Art Marketing Agency

"the best way to get started is to start doing."-Walt Disney - "good business is the best art."-Andy Warhol


ACT NOW.Risk FREE Money-Back Sales Performance Guarantee!

BONUS:Sign Up by 9 pm TODAY-Get MORE Exhibitons within 7 Days!
Money Back Guarantee!
Sales Guarantee:$1000. in 60
100's of Artworks Exhibited


Our Clients Success Says It All

"The team at the Agency suggested 10 worldwide online galleries.My sales and web traffic have skyrocketed.Plus,they did all the work. You get alot. I recommend them."-Isolda Mora Noli, fine artist,Del Rey,Florida,

"I had been looking for a better way to market and get exposure for my work. It was just too time-consuming and frustrating to keep up with all the  trends and how to effectively promote my work in today's art marketing scene."-John Maissel,watercolor and 3D artist,Houston,Texas

"What I liked is that their services are "turnkey" they really do ALL the work for you after the Consultation.Thanks AMA for making my life and art marketing a lot better. Plus, they set me up on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn that helped me reach alot more buyers. KUDOS to AMA. Profitable results"-Richie Materdetta,Los Angeles,Portrait Artist, photographer

"The Agency saved me alot of time and money.The Team at the Agency suggested I NOT advertise on two of the pay sites I used and recommended three that were free and better matched my art with their buyers and it worked."-Tom Wynwood Gallery,Fine Art Giclee Artist, Miami,Florida

" The Team at the Agency have given me the solution to more art sales.Plus, great feedback and advice. I now have a solid plan, top-ranked website and alot MORE sales. I suggest them"-Karen Turley,Arlington,Virginia, photographer



You Have UNIQUE Challenges. We Have the SOLUTIONS for YOU

Every artist is different. Which marketing "challenge" can we deliver a Solution to for you?

Here are the Top "challenges" the Art Marketing Agency has learned working with hundreds of artists & photographers since 2007:

#1.You NEED a lot MORE "exposure" for your artworks to attract more and new art buyers
#2 You DESIRE a lot MORE visitors to your website
#3 You NEED to know the VALUE of your artworks in the global art marketplace: What price should you ask for your work?
#4 You are CURIOUS if your art will sell online or in an Auction format and would like to try it to find out
#5 You would like to know WHO VISITED your website and how to contact them
#6 You REQUIRE a long-term marketing Plan and Strategy for your art marketing investment.
Our proven Solutions to the Top "challenges" that we deliver to you:
#1 Solution:
We will deliver a worldwide audience for your artwork:24/7
* Clients average 127,000 views PER artwork PER month. You may VERIFY each Exhibition.
•  Imagine your PROFITS when selling even 1% of YOUR artworks to those 127,000 viewers at our clients "average" price of $492.00
#2 Solution:
We deliver a significant INCREASE in your website visitors.SEO marketing tools, (25-35 custom keywords) and MANY marketing strategies (like "capturing" visitor email addresses) resulting in MORE visitors and MORE sales for you!
#3 Solution:
 As a client, we will research your artwork in the global marketplace and suggest a "valuation" figure of your works- you also need this valuable information to show a price in your Online gallery listings.
#4 Solution:
Agency clients enjoy FREE inclusion in our profitable online Auction,for artists by artists,New Modern Masters Auctions
#5: Solution:
We will provide a valuable tool that allows you to "capture" (legally) website VISITORS emails so you may follow-up for more sales
#6 Solution:
Yes,we will deliver the tools and resources for a long-range strategy.
 * You will also benefit from your own "custom" ten (10) page marketing Report and detailed Strategy plans tailored to you.

•  Did you know that clients receive a one (1) hour phone Consultation via phone or Skype from the info in your pre-consultation form.

The Art Marketing Agency will deliver to YOU enough value and "solutions" to deliver art marketing sales, clients and success: GUARANTEED!

 for your one-time, ALL inclusive, (tax deductible) $150. investment? 

  •  Plus,our NO questions-asked refund to you,via Paypal, if you don't achieve $1000 in art sales in 60 days?

There simply is NO better art marketing investment for you!

Get started- the world is waiting....

Imagine Art Sales from even 1% of those 127,000 Visitors to Each Artwork per month!

We've got your back-Full Support


  • One-Hour (1) phone consultation via Telephone or SKYPE is included!

The AGENCY provides continuous "follow-up" Art Marketing Support to you-you are like family to us.

  • We constantly provide our clients with useful articles,insights,new resources and tips
  • You may Contact us anytime for Questions, Ideas or Information
  • Answer art marketing questions about your strategy
  • Monitor and review your marketing plan with you.


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